The new Research Training Group 2638 “Normativity, Critique, Change” will start its work in October 2021 and is calling for applications to fill 14 doctoral positions (TVL-13 65%, for 3 years) and 2 postdoc positions (TVL-13 100%, for 4.5 years). The RTG 2638 is dedicated to questions on the nexus of normativity, critique, and change from an interdisciplinary perspective.

To launch the call for applications, we invite interested candidates for doctoral and postdoc positions to the informational

Online event on 15 March from 2pm to 5pm (see attached PDF).

Further Information on RTG 2638:

The new GRK 2638 is dedicated to questions concerning the nexus of norms, their critique, and how norms relate to social change. It seeks to study the specific structures of normative practices common to the arts, law, religion, language, and morality. These normative practices are characterized by the ways in which they are bound to the standards inherent in things like artistic genres, moral habits, and linguistic rules. At the same time, when individuals engage in these practices, they critically reflect on them and the standards that guide them, which in turn redefines and shapes these very normative practices themselves. The GRK’s research agenda follows the hypothesis that in all these contexts – in the arts, law, religion, language, and morality – applying a norm necessitates critically reflecting on that norm. Consequently, this implies that the realization of standards can lead to their transformation. The GRK explores the transformative aspect of normativity in these contexts, analysing similarities and differences. The GRK’s main objective is to develop an understanding of how transformation is inherent to normativity, not to view them as opposites.