German and Yemeni students at an end-of semester farewell event.

On 9th of May the DAAD Cairo Office hosted an intercultural exchange evening. German and Yemeni students, supported by DAAD, were invited to an end-of semester farewell event before they either continue their studies in Egypt or, as in the case of most German students, returned back to Germany.

After a welcoming address by the office director Dr. Roman Luckscheiter the 24 participants were divided into smaller groups to have the chance of interacting and discussing questions raised as: “What were your expectations before coming to Egypt?”, “How did these expectations realize?” and “What would you like to recommend to future students?”

Interestingly the expectations of the German and Yemeni students were quite different based on their cultural background and the situation in their respective home countries, however, with respect to their experiences in Egypt and evaluations of these, many similarities were identified. Although the Yemeni students reported some difficulties in daily life, the great value of their experiences made in Egypt was mainly confirmed. German students mostly met high interest and curiosity towards their nationality and enjoyed the diversity of lifestyles in Egypt and its people. Some recommendations were given to new students such as learning the (3meya) local Egyptian dialect early on for good communication skills and mingle with all people standards to get a better and complete picture of the Egyptian society.

The evening was highlighted by announcing the winners of a photo contest themed around the motto “Egypt – my daily life” which will be displayed in the DAAD Cairo Office.

A fusion dinner from the German, Yemeni and Egyptian cuisine rounded up this very intercultural evening with its traditionally cheerful atmosphere.