The DAAD Research Ambassadors (RA) are experienced and well educated academics and scientists; their task is to inform students, researchers, and faculty members at universities not only about the DAAD’s programmes, but also about other German academic organizations, institutions and funding schemes.

On Tuesday, 6th of December 2016, the DAAD Cairo office invited the Egyptian RAs from different universities in Egypt, to discuss their experiences as RAs and to inform them about changes and current programmes at the DAAD. The day began with a welcome address by the Deputy Director of the DAAD Cairo Office, Mona Ayoub, who stressed on the special importance and praised the cooperation with the RAs especially during the week of the “German days in Upper Egypt” that took place from 19-21 November 2016. She also welcomed the new Research Ambassadors who will begin their journey as Research Ambassadors in 2017 and extended words of thanks to the re-invited Research Ambassadors who joined the event for their third extension of their agreement with the DAAD. Nine Research Ambassadors from different provinces in Egypt participated in the seminar, representing the universities of Fayoum, Sohag, Qena (South Valley University), Aswan, Kafr El Sheikh, Ismaelia (Suez Canal University), Tanta, Menofia, and Benha.

The RAs were introduced to the German research landscape with a special focus on German and European R&D programmes and strategies as well as the DAAD Programmes and the DAAD Kairo Akademie (DKA). The workshop ended with a round table of all RAs, with the experienced RAs sharing their experiences and suggestions for improvement and the new RAs voicing their concerns and needs to establish their network and activities at their university.

After a joint networking lunch, the event ended with signing the agreements and awarding the certificates in the presence of Dr. Roman Luckscheiter, Director of the DAAD Cairo Office, who thanked the RAs for their special commitment and praised their engagement in extending the DAAD’s reach into their universities.