Around 80 Germanists and 21 DAAD Lecturers from 14 countries: Cairo became the center for all experts and publics who are interested in German as a foreign language in the Mena region for four days.

The alMena Conference- German Philology and German as a foreign language in the Mena region took place in Cairo from the 14th to the 16th of May 2017. Around 30 Germanists from the MENA region followed the Call for Papers announced earlier this year and took the journey to Egypt, to discuss the latest developments of the German Philology in the region together with more than 50 Germanists from Egypt as well as DAAD Lectures from the region and Kenia. All participants spent two more days after the conference to be part of an internal lecturer session.

The Review procedure turned out to be the key for 26 excellent and innovative contributions and an extremely democratic and engaged discussion culture.
Unique and until now unprecedented was the variety of the represented countries and within a minimum of time a cooperative atmosphere of specialized exchange was created within in the participants from Egypt, Algeria, Germany, Irak, Israel, Jordan, Kenia, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Especially during the four panel discussions the willingness and motivation for further cooperation and networking of the scientists in the region became visible. Furthermore, the conscious incorporation of Nairobi, next to Amman and Cairo the third biggest location for Master studies regarding German as foreign language in Africa, brought a new range of possibilities for upcoming cooperation.

Subsequently to the conference, the meeting of the DAAD lecturers took place and was hallmarked by an intensive and collegially exchange.
Next to Workshops on jargon, didactics and Gender Sensitive Teaching the program comprised a World Café considering practical topics from the all-day life of the lecturers.