On the 5th of October, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo has bidden farewell to Dr. Roman Luckscheiter, outgoing Director at the end of his 4 years term and welcomed his successor Ms. Isabell Mering in an official handover ceremony in the presence of the Secretary General of the DAAD, Dr. Dorothea Rüland.

The event, which took place on the premises of the DAAD in Zamalek, opened with a welcoming address by Dr. Rüland, followed by words of greeting from the German Ambassador in Egypt, His Excellency Mr. Julius Georg Luy. Dr. Luckscheiter gave his farewell speech, after which Ms. Mering, the new Director of the DAAD Regional Office Cairo, took the opportunity to introduce herself to the assembled honourable guests. The evening was then rounded off with an open-air dinner reception.

The DAAD is the largest funding organization for students and researchers worldwide. As one of its central Branch Offices, as well as the second eldest, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo contributes to this success with an impressive array of information events and scholarship programmes, as well as offers of project funding and guidance for academic exchange and collaboration initiatives. “It is a great privilege to have a Branch Office in a country like Egypt for 58 years now. The fact to be in direct contact with our Egyptian partners, with students and scholars, with our alumni and project managers is certainly one of the reasons why the academic exchange is so intense and successful between our two countries”, said Dr. Dorothea Rüland.

As an example, in the year 2017, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo has thus supported a total of 1.615 Egyptian and 429 German scholars and students and inaugurated the “Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa” COSIMENA, which is dedicated to the pursuit of connecting scientific scholars around the MENA region and Germany and fostering strong and lasting German-Egyptian academic relations. Such international academic cooperations build entirely new bridges between two countries, with very diverse networks that benefit not only the universities, but also scientific research in general as well as politics, the economy and the society. “Therefore, the history and the growth of the Cairo Office during the last decades is indeed reflecting the development and the growth not only of the bi-national academic relationships between Germany and Egypt, but also of the process of academic internationalization in general”, highlighted DAAD Secretary General Dr. Rüland.

The DAAD Bonn and DAAD Regional Office Cairo thanked Dr. Luckscheiter for his personal dedication to his work and wished him all the best for his future position as head of the Department “Scholarship Programmes North”. The DAAD Regional Office Cairo is now happy to welcome the new Director Ms. Isabell Mering, former head of the DAAD section “Transnational Education Projects in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America” in Bonn, and is confident that its tradition of commitment to academic exchange and excellence will prosper under her leadership and open a new fruitful chapter for the DAAD here in Egypt.