For the third time in a row, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo is pleased to announce its annual German Science Night which is taking place this year on 16 May 2019!

Visitors will have the unique opportunity to get in touch with researchers and discover the fascinating world of science at first hand. German and Egyptian scientists and young entrepreneurs will provide insights in their research and innovative projects at different locations through talks, interactive workshops and several hands-on activities. The various formats aim at sparking interest and curiosity about science and making research and knowledge more approachable.

Between 9.30 pm and 1.00 am visitors will be able to…

  • attend a Science Slam at the Zamalek Cinema, where engaged young researchers from Egyptian universities will compete in presenting a scientific topic in the most entertaining and understandable way
  • learn more about the impact of climate change in a workshop by Cairo Climate Talks
  • witness the exploration of Egypt’s past together with experts from the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo
  • get information on German research institutions and DAAD Funding Programmes in short presentations and information booths

…and much more!

The German Science Night is a public event. This year, the programme is particularly targeting high school and young university students.

The event is organised by COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa). Within the scope of the COSIMENA project, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo organises events that contribute to the networking of science between Germany and the MENA region. Thus, the project aims at making existing cooperation more visible and creating synergies by which potential partnerships are initiated.

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