During the second half of 2018, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo received several highly important delegations from Germany.

Between the 29th of September and 3rd of October, a Fact-Finding Mission, which was organised by the DAAD Headquarters in Bonn, Germany, and the DAAD Regional Office Cairo, took place in Cairo. A group of nine experts from seven different institutions in the field of education management, university teacher education and teacher training to Egypt spent four days actively meeting with different partners, stakeholders and service providers of the Ministry of Education. The mission came following to a visit of H.E. Minister of Education Prof. Dr. Tarek Shawki who, in July, expressed the wish to benefit from the expertise of Germany in the field of education and teacher training, as Egypt is currently advancing in a reform process that is restructuring the entirety of the Education system, as explained by the Minister. The expert group’s purpose was consequently to suggest recommendations, if possible, based on their observations, as well as determining possible cooperation options with German partners.

During that week, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo also received several official members of the German parliament. Dr. Norbert Röttgen, Chairman of the German Parliament`s committee on Foreign Affairs and Dr. Karamba Diaby were welcomed at the DAAD Regional Office Cairo by Dr. Rüland and Ms. Isabell Mering, Director of the DAAD Regional Office Cairo, where they learned more about the work of the Regional office in Egypt and Sudan, as well as exchanged expertise on the German-Egyptian cooperation.