Christmas box with sweets, gingerbread cookies, dried orange rings and fir tree.

The DAAD Regional Office Cairo will be closed for the annual Christmas break from Thursday, 24/12/2020 to Tuesday, 05/01/2021. We will be back for you on Wednesday, 06/01/2021.

During our absence, please refer to the following websites for more information:

In light of the recent developments regarding the corona virus pandemic, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo remains closed for visitors until further notice. After the break, we will continue to offer all our services online.

For more information about our online services and planned events, kindly visit

  • our news page for general announcements and calls
  • our event page for event announcements
  • the appointment portal to register for any of our counselling activities. You will find an overview over all our counselling offers here.
  • the COSIMENA page for further information about planned activities

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Tests (TestDaF, TestAS) at the DAAD Regional Office Cairo are  suspended until further notice.

Summary: Ann-Kathrin Schwarz