The Middle East and North Africa are the most water-poor regions in the world.

It is also the most to be at risk of water scarcity due to increase in population, increase of water usage in industry and agriculture with no efficient irrigation methods or usage of water resources and significant water pollution and waste, water resource management becomes an important factor in sustainable development in the MENA-Region.

Furthermore, water management is interconnected to the biodiversity of ecosystems and the food chain which represent the other focal point for water resource management. A vivid example of the problem represents the Nile Basin with the biodiversity of its ecosystem, the resources of water, the production of energy and the food supply chain-as mentioned before.

These aspects of the topic will be discussed in COSIMENA’s Digital Public Lecture on „Water Resource Management“ and „Water, Energy, Food and Ecosystem Nexus (WEFE)“.


Monday, November 23rd 2020 from 5PM until 7PM (Cairo Time)

Agenda & Speakers

Scientists and Experts from Germany, Egypt, Jordan and Tunisia/ Algeria will come together to discuss these topics while approaching the research interest from different academic starting points: water, engineering, food, energy, biodiversity and climate change.

The preliminary agenda!


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