The DAAD is very delighted to announce the participation in the upcoming “Germany in the Nile Delta” event organized by the German Embassy in Cairo.

We would kindly invite you to join the attached programme points taking place at the Menoufia University / Mansoura University / Damanhour University / Alexandria University, as well as spread the word in your networks, faculties, among your students and colleagues at the university.

We are looking forward to a well-attended information session on study and research opportunities in Germany, as well as to the open DKA workshop.

The DAAD will also have a booth at the Germany Festival in the afternoon to provide information material.

The DAAD at Mansoura University

DAAD in Mansoura on Facebook:
Download: DAAD in Mansoura (pdf, 595.26 KB)

COSIMENA in Mansoura on Facebook:
Download: COSIMENA in Mansoura (pdf, 774.82 KB)

The DAAD at Menoufia University in Shibin El Kom

DAAD in Menoufia on Facebook: 
Download: DAAD in Menoufia (pdf, 595.79 KB)

The DAAD at Damanhour University

DAAD in Damanhour on Facebook:
Download: DAAD in Damanhour (pdf, 591.72 KB)

The DAAD at Alexandria University

DAAD in Alexandria on Facebook:
Download: DAAD in Alexandria (pdf, 629.69 KB)

For the most up-to-date information please follow our facebook page:

For a programme overview of the German Embassy please visit: