DAAD Study Information Day 2017

The DAAD Download Area provides you with all the information material on study and research opportunities in Germany, as well as funding and scholarship programmes by the DAAD and other German organizations.

Please find below the brochures according to your academic status. DAAD Brochures refer to general programmes and general information about studying in Germany, internships and living for a broad audience. Research in Germany brochures cater to those wishing to obtain their PhD in Germany, those who are PhD students already and those who have finished their PhD and are looking for Post-Doc opportunities and careers in Germany or in cooperation with German institutions. Study in Germany brochures are for those interested in doing their Bachelor or Master programme at a German university.

All programmes relevant for Egypt are gathered in our overview brochure, which can be downloaded here.

All programmes relevant for Sudan are gathered in our overview brochure, which can be downloaded here.

Useful links for all candidates interested in studying, doing their PhD or doing research in Germany can be found in the document below.
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To find the scholarship and funding opportunities, according to your profile please refer to our scholarship database.

For brochures with general information on studying and living in Germany click here.

Study and Research in Germany

The DAAD regularly publishes brochures and magazines on studying and conducting research in Germany. You can download these publications here.

The materials on studying and research in Germany available on this page are used by study advisors from the DAAD and other organisations around the world during consultations and at information events.

Find all of them here.

Research in Germany

The following publications will help you navigate through the German research environment and provide information on research performing organisations, funding and career opportunities, and interesting research areas. Whether you are interested in basic or applied research, an academic career or a position at a non-university research institution – we invite you to explore the many opportunities available to you in Germany.

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Research in Germany

The German Research Landscape

From the fuel cell to the MP3 player – German inventions have changed people’s lives. Not surprisingly, Germany is one of the world’s top investors in R&D. This brochure shows who is behind this: universities and research institutes, Federal and state institutions and companies committed to research. Explore the German research landscape!
Download: The German Research Landscape (pdf, 6.12 MB)

The German doctorate

Planning to study for a doctorate? In Germany, roughly 27,000 graduates complete a doctorate every year – far more than in any other European country. International doctoral candidates appreciate the great diversity of the German research landscape: alongside world-class universities, prestigious research institutions also offer opportunities to study for a doctorate. Here you will find all the information you need for the next step in your career
Download: The German doctorate (pdf, 9.42 MB)

Research careers in Germany

Are you in the process of planning the next step in your university career? Or are you looking for a research job with good prospects? In Germany, you will find excellent working conditions, renowned institutes and interesting, international and interdisciplinary research projects. In this brochure, you will find all the advantages of Germany as a land of science and research and where you can research and teach here.
Download: Research careers in Germany (pdf, 3.93 MB)

Funding your research in Germany

Become part of a large international research community and benefit from various funding opportunities for international researchers! In this brochure, you will find the right programme to finance your stay as a PhD student, postdoc or senior researcher not only in Germany, but also in the European Union.
Download: Funding your research in Germany (pdf, 6.31 MB)

FAQs – Preparing a successful research stay in Germany

Fancy working on first-class research projects in an international and competing setting? Hundreds of well-equipped universities, renowned research facilities and innovative companies offer interesting opportunities in Germany, many of those in English. Find all necessary questions and answers concerning your research stay in Germany in the brochure available for download below!