The scholarships offer young Egyptian scientists and academics the opportunity to travel to Germany. The scholarship shall enable advanced graduate students and young scientists to pursue part of their master’s, doctoral or post-doctoral research in a specific research project at German universities, archives, libraries or research institutes.

Who can apply?

The programme is aimed at Master's students, doctoral candidates and young postdocs following the plan and regulations of the Central Mission Department and Cultural Representation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Egypt.
Scholarships are not awarded for general-information gathering, visits or for the participation in scientific meetings.

What can be funded?

This programme funds research visits to a research institute, a state or state-recognised private university in Germany.

Duration of the funding

The scholarships are awarded for a period of 3-6 months.
Scholarship periods are not extendable.


Monthly scholarship payment according to academic status:
  • MSc scholarship holders will be granted an amount of Euro 850 (eight hundred and fifty Euros) per month
  • Doctoral scholarship holders will be granted an amount of Euro 1200 (one thousand and two hundred Euros) per month
  • Post-Doctoral scholarship holders will be granted an amount of Euro 2000 (two thousand Euros) per month
  • GERSS scholarship does not include family allowances
  • The DAAD will take out health-, personal liability and accident insurance for each scholarship holder
  • A lump sum will be paid as travel allowance


Selection will take place at the DAAD Regional Office Cairo.
The candidates will be selected in two rounds. First, a pre-selection is a paper-based procedure which will identify the group of applicants who will be invited for the second phase consisting of a personal interview with the GERSS independent selection committee. Pre- and final selection of the eligible candidates should be conducted according to, but not limited to the following criteria:
  • Excellent Research proposal
  • Scientific merits, including:
    - Benefit to Egypt
    - Quality of the proposal
    - Preparation and feasibility of the project
    - Quality of the acceptance letter
  • Excellent study achievement
  • Aptitude of the applicant academically
  • Value of references and recommendation
  • Linguistic ability

Please select your status and country of destination in order to submit an application

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