Achrainer, Christian Mr.

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Target Group: 
Master Students
PhD Candidates

Post Docs


One Day (9:00am- 4:00pm)

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 Conducting interviews is one of several possible methodologies to collect data. It is applied in a large variety of academic fields, ranging from social sciences to medicine, psychology, business, marketing, engineering, or agriculture. Interviews are especially useful for studies which 1) want to investigate human behaviour or attitudes; or 2) rely on information held by specific persons.

During the workshop, participants will be introduced to qualitative (f.i. expert interviews) as well as quantitative interviews (f.i. surveys). It will be discussed what the researcher can measure with different interview types and the formulation of questions will be exercised. Possible challenges, such as data bias, will be tackled and, eventually, participants will design their own questionnaire.


  • distinguish between different interview types and know their respective strengths
  • select among different question types and formulate good questions
  • conceptualize a questionnaire and conduct an interview
  • critically reflect on data, numbers, and statistics in other studies


Christian Achrainer is a Cairo-based freelance consultant and lecturer. Before he moved to Egypt in 2015, he worked as a researcher within the German Council on Foreign Relations’ (DGAP) Middle East and North Africa Program.