Selim, Heba Ms.

Language Of Instruction: 


Target Group: 
PhD Candidates
Post Docs

Team Leaders


One day (9:00am-4:00pm)

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Participants will be introduced to reasons of conflict in the work place and strategies to pre-empt conflict before it happens. On the other hand, it will also address existing conflict through understanding one self and understanding behavioural styles of others. Participants will be introduced to problem solving and creative thinking and they will be asked to apply them by coming up with an action plan out of the box of how they will apply knowledge in workshop to avoid future conflict and to address existing ones.

Training Methods:

Presentation of theoretical part, exercises, open discussions, self assessment, case studies, group work and action plan


  1. tools and strategies to help them  pre-empt conflict
  2. tools and tactics to address existing conflict
  3. Understanding of their role in changing status quo by applying self awareness, problem solving & creative thinking
  4. Application of concepts by creating an action plan to walk the talk


Heba Selim is a Management Consultant and Trainer with 25 years of experience in training in communication and soft skills including management and leadership skills.