Taha, Mohamed Mr.

Language Of Instruction: 


Target Group: 
Master Students
PhD Candidates
Teaching Staff

Team Leaders


One Day (09:00-16:00)

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Some types of problems emerge due to lack of unified knowledge about problem solving techniques/ methodologies that can be used effectively in the workplace. Other types emerge from the absence of the essence/basics of the team work among working groups. This module focuses on finding some suitable problem solving techniques/methodologies that is easy to be used by everyone in the work place while enjoying, practicing, valuing, and boasting team work activities. Trainees will use problem solving techniques as a medium for team communication and team integration.


  • Apply the 9-step methodology for problem solving
  • Get introduced to 2 or more problem solving techniques from the business applications
  • Distinguish among observations, facts, opinions, inferences, and assumptions for communication and problem solving process in work place.
  • Analyze information gathered in a situation to confirm or reject a given hypothesis in a daily work place problem
  • Get introduced to the needed foundations of team dynamics
  • Use effective assertive communication tools to enhance team dynamic
  • Use different decision making & problem solving techniques among diversified team members
  • Learn to use effective communication tools with common problematic team attitudes
  • Use techniques of delegation and empowerment within teams


U-shape class room, Data show, laptop, flip-chart & White board


Mohamed Taha has been working in the field of capacity building for more than 20 years. He is an international trainer who delivers different academic and business related training modules in GUC, DHBW in Germany, DAAD Cairo, and TU-Berlin Elgouna Campus.