Bahi, Riham Dr.

Language Of Instruction: 


Target Group: 
Master Students
PhD Candidates

Teaching Staff


One Day (9:00am- 4:00pm)

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Writing proposals for research has become increasingly essential for scholars. The workshop will discuss the essentials of proposal writing in social sciences. Proposal writing shares some basic components across fields. The workshop will address the following issues: What is the question (research problem)? What is the approach? How have others approached the issues (literature review)? Why answer this question (importance/ contribution)? How much time will it take (timeline). How much will it cost (funding)?


The participants will be introduced to the basic component s of the research proposal in a language accessible across social science disciplines.  The workshop will provide the participants with the opportunity to discuss their research proposals in writing groups. Therefore, it is advisable for participants to come with a one-page abstract of a research project they are working on or interested in developing.  The skills learned in this workshop will translate into proposal writing and research design.  Skills learned in this workshop can be applied to writing research papers, dissertations, books, projects and grants.


Training Methods:

  • Presentations; Group work & case studies; Discussions & interactive sessions
  • Data Show, Laptop, Flipchart + paper, Soft Board, Flash Cards, Pins, Blank Papers, Pens, Markers, Glue, Scotch Tape


Dr. Riham Bahi is an Associate Professor of international relations at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University.