El-Tobgui, Mona Dr.

Language Of Instruction: 


Target Group: 
PhD Candidates
Post Docs
Teaching Staff

Team Leaders


1 Day (6 + 1 hours / 9:00am – 4:00pm)

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The Research Project Management Module is designed to help the participants develop the necessary skills to perform their duties effectively. It will include topics related to project and time management such as:

  • What is a project; what needs to be taken into account in conducting the project
  • How to structure and plan the project and how to set milestones
  • How to set time and financial plan
  • How to control and guide a project
  • How to organise the working relationship with the supervisors and project partners
  • How to document the project
  • Discussion of specific questions relating to methods and collaboration, with reference to issues arising out of participants’ own projects
  • Apply project management skills in their research projects and similar undertakings like doctoral thesis or assignments.
  • Apply methods and tools in research projects to ensure quality.
  • Structure, plan, guide and document projects in a practical meaningful way.
  • Have a guide for constructive collaboration in research projects.
  • Handle the administration and finances of research grants
  • Develop strategies for the application of research results
  • Evaluate research processes
  • Document and present research results to the public

To be effective the training tools will be appropriate to the learning situation and needs and knowledge level of the individual groups. The assessment prior to the training is important to tailor the module accordingly.


Mona Mohamed El Tobgui is an assistant Professor at the National Research Centre and the Senior Advisor of Fraunhofer in Egypt.