Jud, Andrea Ms.

Language Of Instruction: 

Target Group: 
Master Students
PhD Candidates


One Day (9:00am – 4:00pm)

Module Code: 



The module provides an overview over the principles of scientific work as a creative process. Drawing on the experiences of the participants, the workshop encourages to reflect on questions such as the role of the researcher and the relation between scientific theory, methods, data and analysis. The module furthermore provides concrete guidelines and tools for the successful planning and implementation of scientific research and writing projects. Topics include the standard and structure of a scientific text (including quotation, citation and bibliography), the planning and development of scientific writing projects (including time management), the search for and use of scientific secondary literature, sources and data (including reading techniques and the use of free online tools).
All topics will be discussed with the participants’ involvement and the aspects learnt will be put into practice through group work and role play.


The workshop aims to enhance the participants’ knowledge and skills on how to plan and execute scientific projects, including

  • how to formulate research questions
  • how to search and use secondary literature
  • how to chose appropriate methods
  • how to identity, collect and organize scientific sources and data
  • how to compose a scientific text


Necessary tools:

  • Data show + laptop
  • Flip-chart + paper sheets
  • Pin board + cards
  • White board + colored markers


Andrea Jud works at the Orient-Institut Beirut Cairo Office and is a PhD candidate in Media and Communication Studies at the Free University Berlin.