The DAAD actively supports the academic education of German language teachers, lecturers, the international networking of German language and literature specialists, as well as the strengthening of German as an academic language.

The Department of German Language at Faculty of Arts, Khartoum University

The department was established in 1990, as a part of the Faculty of Arts. It is located in the western compound of the faculty at Othman Digna Street. The Department of German offers the B.A programme which lasts four years, as well as the B.A honors programme which lasts five years. The department has currently one associate professor, four lecturers, among which one PhD candidate, as well as one teaching assistant. Three of them are doing their postgraduate studies in Germany to obtain a PHD-degree.

The department is also committed to serve the society; it provides an excellent certified translation service from and to the German language in arrangement with the Translation and Arabicization Unit of Faculty of Arts. Moreover, evening German courses are offered for interested candidates from outside the department.

The Department of German has a very good and ever developing relation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the German Cultural Centre (Goethe Institute) as well as the German Embassy.