Sharaf, Rasha Dr.

Language Of Instruction:

Target Group:
Master Students
PhD Candidates
Post Docs
Teaching Staff

One Day (09:00-15:00)


Exams and question banks development is a basic academic activity and an essential component of the learning process. Its main purposes are to encourage student learning, to make judgements about student achievement, and to monitor effectiveness of the learning environment.

Different methods of assessment provide the means of ensuring that students can demonstrate the range of their abilities in different situations. Hence, it has become strictly essential that faculty members at Egyptian universities possess related knowledge and skills that enable them design authentic examinations that verify the intended learning outcomes of the academic program and courses.  They should also be able to use technology to build their digital question banks.


By the end of the workshop participants should be able to:

  • Analyse exams against course ILOs
  • Identify basic functions and associated outcomes of the examination process
  • Design an exam using different questioning techniques
  • Evaluate and rate an exam against set of criteria
  • Develop a computer-based / Online question bank


  • PowerPoint presentation and handouts for presentation
  • Worksheets, group work, role play, case studies and posters for active engagement of participants
  • Laptop, data show, flipcharts, flashcards and markers are needed


Dr. Rasha Saad Sharaf is an associate Professor of International and Comparative Education and Education Administration at Helwan University. She is a certified trainer from the European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA), Lisbon, Portugal.