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Services at the DAAD Regional Office Cairo – online

In light of the recent developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic and in line with the current internationally recommended social distancing policies, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo suspended all on-site counselling services until further notice.

At the moment, counselling takes place completely online. You can book appointments for the two different sessions under the links below. We offer the following online counselling services:  

  • Online Information Session for Undergraduates about Studying in Germany (Bachelor) every second Thursday from 10-11:30 am. Book a slot here
  • Online Individual Counselling for Postgraduates every Monday and Wednesday from 10-12 am in 10-minute slots. IMPORTANT: Please do not book several slots at a time, since we want to give everyone a chance to receive counselling from the DAAD. Book a slot here

We are also still available to answer your queries online via email.

Information Session for Undergraduates about Studying in Germany (Bachelor)

The DAAD Regional Office Cairo offers regularly information sessions about studying in Germany in general and different options for undergraduates regarding bachelor programmes.

During the session, the DAAD Counselling Team will talk about:

  • the different higher education system in Germany
  • how to find your study programme
  • how and when to start planning (application, visa requirements)
  • if your school leaving certificate is accepted at German universities (Thanaweya Amma/IGCSE/IB/American Diploma)
  • financial aspects

After the session, you have the chance to ask you questions. Kindly note that counselling for undergraduates is only offered directly  after the information session.

If you have concrete questions about your undergraduate opportunities in Germany (Bachelor), please book an appointment here.

Individual Counselling for Postgraduates

If you have concrete questions about your postgraduate opportunities in Germany (Master, PhD, Postdoc), please apply for an appointment here.
IMPORTANT: Please do not book several slots at a time, since we want to give everyone a chance to receive counselling from the DAAD.

Information Sessions on request

The DAAD Regional Office Cairo also offers information sessions for Egyptian research institutes and universities and for institution leaders, teaching staff and postgraduates. The session will be tailored for the target group.

If your institution is interested in the above mentioned session, please refer to:

Felix Bock Contact

Programme Coordinator
DAAD Regional Office Cairo
11, Sh. Al-Saleh Ayoub, Zamalek
Tel: 202 27384127, ext. 108
Fax: 202 27384136

We kindly ask you to send your request three weeks prior to the desired date of the planned information session. The dates will be confirmed according to the availability of the DAAD Regional Office Cairo staff members.

DAAD Kairo Akademie (DKA)

The DAAD Kairo Akademie (DKA) was established in 2011 in order to bundle, restructure and professionalize the various training activities of the DAAD Cairo office under one roof. Ever since, the DKA supports Egyptian universities and research institutions in the field of capacity building and in strengthening international cooperation by offering further training opportunities. These range from proposal writing and other academic skills to soft skills like time management and teaching in higher education institutions.

Until today, the academy has hosted over 590 Modules within 7 different thematic clusters and reached almost 11.500 diverse Egyptian students, researchers and higher education managers.  In cooperation with 33 faculties at public universities, private universities and research institutions, we can offer up to 25 modules a month, most of which take part at our partnering Egyptian universities and research institutes. Special modules with experts from Germany are complementing this rich offer. In October 2015 the DKA obtained official acknowledgement through the Supreme council of Egyptian universities (SCU).

The offer of the DKA is being published and updated at this website.

DAAD-Lecturers – Counselling at Egyptian Universities

The DAAD is represented around the world through its lecturers.

In addition to language teaching at universities, they also provide valuable information on studying opportunities, scholarships and scientific exchange in general. Therefore, DAAD lecturers are often the first point of contact for students and academics interested in a stay at a higher education institution in Germany, and are thus, a valuable link between Egyptian and German universities.

You will find more information about the current lecturers and  counselling at their universities here.