Portrait von Roman Luckscheiter.Dr. Roman Luckscheiter
E-Mail: directordaadcairo.org




... is the director of the DAAD Cairo office since the 1st of September 2014. Between 2012 and 2014 he was in charge of transnational education projects as well as promotion of German as a foreign language worldwide from 2008 to 2012. He got a doctoral degree in German and French and was an assistant professor at the University of Heidelberg until 2008.


Portrait von Mona Ayoub.Mona Ayoub
E-Mail: Mona.Ayoubdaadcairo.org




... is the Deputy Director at the DAAD Cairo Office. As of November 2005 she took over the tasks of Mrs. Aziza Hamdi. Mrs. Ayoub coordinates the long-term scholarship programme GERLS. She is the contact person for accreditation issues and DIES applications. Besides, Mona Ayoub is responsible for the coordination of the German and Egyptian programmes supporting institutions and DAAD ‘s partners in universities and research institutions. In addition she is the contact person to the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.



Portrait von Irene Khorazaty.Irene el-Khorazaty
E-Mail: Irene.Khorazatydaadcairo.org


... coordinates the programmes for German students and scientists (Language courses and exchange programs for graduates, "Wafedin”-scholarships, etc.) and is the contact person for German lecturers at Egyptian universities. She also coordinates study-trips of German students and universities. For Egyptian students and scientists she is the contact person for the so-called bicultural master programmes, partnerships for the health sector in developing countries (PAGEL), Subject-related Partnerships with Institutions of Higher Education and the "Hochschuldialog" with the Islamic World.

Portrait von Angelika Sadek.Angelika Sadek
E-Mail: angelika.sadekdaadcairo.org


... is the Financial and HR Manager. She is responsible for the office's accounting, book-keeping and financial planning. Mrs. Sadek is working part-time and is reachable from Sunday to Wednesday.



Portrait von Mahmoud Hamed.Mahmoud Hamed
E-Mail: mahmoud.hameddaadcairo.org


... is responsible for technical and logistical concerns in the DAAD office. He is the contact person for Egyptian authorities, and the contact persons for Journalists, Hotels and Suppliers. Besides, he is the contact person for the  Visa & Customs for the  German Experts and Guests. Also he is responsible for organizing the logistics of the events and conferences.

Portrait von Heba Ahmed.Heba Ahmed
E-Mail: heba.ahmeddaadcairo.org


... is working as a program-coordinator in the Cairo office. She is responsible for coordinating the scholarship programmes GERLS and the UNILEAD and therefore responsible for their mentoring and organization.

In addition, she is in charge with the rest of DAAD Program-Coordinators of the counseling at the DAAD Cairo office concerning studying and research in Germany.

Portrait von Heba Afifi.Heba Afifi
E-Mail: E-Mail: heba.afifidaadcairo.org


She is the leader of the counseling department; additionally she provides counseling concerning studying and research in Germany.  Furthermore, she is responsible for the DAAD Cairo Academy.




Portrait von Mostafa Fathy.

Mostafa Fathy
E-Mail: Mostafa.Fathydaadcairo.org


… is DAAD program-coordinator who is in charge for several DAAD Programs which are Postgraduate Courses for Professionals with Relevance to Developing Countries, Helmut-Schmidt-Programme, Re-Invitation, and Third Countries Scholarships (in particular Yemen). Moreover, Mr. Fathy handles all matters concerned with DAAD Alumni.



Amira Elwy
E-Mail: E-Mail: Amira.Elwydaadcairo.org


... is working as a program-coordinator in the DAAD Cairo office. She is the coordinator of the GERSS programme and responsible for its mentoring and organization of selections.  Additionally she is the contact person for the German-Arab Transformation Partnership Program strand 4.



Dr. Gertje Krumbholz
E-Mail: Gertje.Krumbholzdaadcairo.org


… works as a DAAD-Lecturer at the Alsun Faculty at the Ain-Shams-University since September 2016. She coordinates the activities of the DAAD in the field of German Studies and German as a Foreign Language in Egypt and aims to improve the interconnection of German Studies in the MENA region. After studying German and Slavic Literature and Linguistics at the universities of Marburg, Warsaw and Hamburg Gertje Krumbholz wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on aspect and aktionsart of Polish verbs. She worked as a research assistance and lecturer at the universities of Hamburg and Mainz. Besides her scientific activities, she wrote as an editor and author for several German magazines.

Portrait von Mohamed Fathy.

Mohamed Fathy
E-Mail: Mohamed.Fathydaadcairo.org


... is working as a program-coordinator in the Cairo office. He is the contact person for the German-Arab Transformation Partnership Program strand 1 and 3 and responsible for the Study Visit and Study Seminar Programmes.

In addition, he is in charge with the rest of DAAD programme Coordinators of the counseling sessions at DAAD office concerning studying and research in Germany.

Lilly von Stackelberg 
E-Mail: Lilly.Stackelbergdaadcairo.org


...is working as a program-coordinator in the Cairo office. She is in charge of the German-Egyptian Research Fund as well as of scholarship programmes for graduates from the German Schools in Egypt. In addition, she coordinates activities within the context of higher education and research marketing

Portrait von Dina Essam.

Dina Essam
E-Mail: Dina.Essamdaadcairo.org


... is working as Director’s Assistant in the Cairo office. She is in charge of organizing the DAAD Information Sessions at the Egyptian universities and institutions. She is also responsible for the GE-SEED Programme.

Asmaa Yahia
E-Mail: Asmaa.Yahiadaadcairo.org


...is responsible for coordinating the offered scholarship programmess to the Arab Refugees at Egyptian Universities.

In addition, she is the contact person for the GERLS Programme and Artists Programmes as well.

Portrait von Aziza Hamdi.

Aziza Hamdi M.A.
E-Mail: Aziza.Hamdidaadcairo.org


... was translator and in charge for the Egyptian students, lecturers and professors for all DAAD programs. Besides she kept in touch with Egyptian and German DAAD partners in universities and research institutions. After 40 years in the DAAD office in Cairo, Mrs. Aziza Hamdi officially retired in December 2005, but she acts as intercultural academic consultant for the DAAD on special program assignments.

Mrs. Aziza Hamdi has been president of the DAAD Alumni Verein Egypt since 2011 and she is holder of the Federal Cross of Merit 2005.