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DAAD Research Ambassadors are scholars and scientists outside the scope of Greater Cairo who have conducted advanced long-term research projects in Germany and are interested in promoting research in Germany at their home universities and among their peers and students.

In the fall of 2014, the DAAD Regional Office Cairo launched the DAAD Research Ambassadors Programme in Egypt. The programme is financed by the DAAD section for International Research Marketing (K22), with funds provided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Aim of the programme is to extend the DAAD’s outreach beyond Cairo and to build trusted relations with peripheral universities for joint activities, capacity building events, and to inform students and researchers in Egypt about Germany as a research destination.

The DAAD Research Ambassadors are experienced and well educated academics and scientists who spent a minimum of ten months in Germany for academic purposes. The main objective of the DAAD Research Ambassadors is being focal points between the Egyptian universities and the DAAD Regional Office Cairo, informing students, researchers and staff not only about the DAAD itself and its funding opportunities, but also about other German academic organizations and institutions, and funding schemes. They are available to advise students, fellow scholars and scientists as well as university administrators and make efforts to motivate young researchers to conduct research in Germany.

There are currently 8 Research Ambassadors active at universities in both the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt. During annual workshops, the Research Ambassadors are regularly updated and introduced to new programmes, changes, and opportunities provided by the DAAD Regional Office, the DAAD, and partner organizations.

The main responsibility of a DAAD Research Ambassador is to promote research opportunities in Germany in his/her professional community, university or organization, and discipline.

This can take the form of:

  • Contacting departmental chairs and senior administration officers to share information about study and research opportunities in Germany, including DAAD grants and other organizations’ funding programs
  • Arranging an informational meeting on campus each academic year for students in their department and/or prospective applicants to DAAD programs
  • Providing advice and support to students and researchers interested in pursuing academic activities in Germany in his/her field from any university or institution in Egypt – and potentially doing the same for German DAAD grantees currently studying in Egypt.

Please note that this is a voluntary post with no compensation available. However, DAAD will make reimbursements available upon request to cover expenses related to production of promotional materials or for refreshments at meetings or informational events.


For further information, please contact Ms. Miram Mahmoud,

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Assoc. Prof. Dr  Heba Sabry Attia Salama

Current Position: Associate Professor and Head of Department

Alexandria University, Faculty of Agriculture, Crop Science Department

Field of Research:

Crop Science at Christian Albrechts University, Kiel

DAAD GERS Program at the Freie Universität Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin

Assist. Prof. Dr   Amira Adel Taha Abdel Aleem Al-Hosary

Current Position: Assistant Professor

Assiut University, Veterinary Medicine

Field of Research:

Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Deseases

Friedrich Loeffler Institute, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health

Assist. Prof. Dr  Samir Fathy Abdelmonem Elmashtoly

Current Position: Assistant Professor

E-JUST  Department of Biotechnology, Institute of Basic and Applied Sciences in Chemistry and Imaging

Field of Research:

Marker-based follow-up of patients with non-muscleinvasive low/intermediate Ruhr University Bochum

Dr rer. nat. Ahmed Mohamed Fahmy Yousef

Current Position: Associate Professor, Fayoum University Educational Technology Dep.

Field of Research:

Online and Distance learning

DAAD PhD. scholarships in RWTH-Aachen University

Research fellowship in TU Darmstadt

Assoc. Prof. Dr  Mohammed Asaad Zaky Hassan Elmowafy

Current Position: Associate Professor

Mansoura University, Microbiology and Immunology

Field of Research:

Helmholtz Institute Braunschweig, Centre for Infection research: Functional studies on the histidine kinase CaNik1p from Candida albicans

Freie Universität Berlin: The potential role of Ca+2 in activating Rho signalling cascades during the entry of Equine herpes virus-1 and Equine herpes virus-4

Assoc. Prof. Dr  Mohamed Esmail Karar Associate

Current Position: Professor Menoufia University, Faculty of Electronic Engineering

Field of research:

Artificial Intelligence and Computer-Assisted Medicine

Computer Assisted Cardiac Surgery, Universität Leipzig

Medical Imaging Robotics, Technische Universität München (TUM)

Prof. Dr Abeer Abd Elmoneim   

Current Position: Professor of Pediatrics, Sohag University, Pediatric Department, Faculty of Medicine

Field of Research:

Pediatric hematology/Oncology, Tumor Genetics, Sohag University

Flowcytometric studies in acute leukemia in children, Eppindorf University

Synergestic and Antagonistic AML Cell Type-specific Responses to 5-Aza-2-deoxycitidine and 1-h-D Arabinofuranoside, Johns Hopkins University

Molecular Biology of Neuroblastoma Cells, Essen University

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