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COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa) provides clusters for regional exchange in various fields of science, technology and research, which aim to deepen the cooperation and partnership between Germany and countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Our Mission

Common global challenges, such as cli­mate change, population growth or water scarcity, call for innovative scientific ideas and interdisciplinary and intersectoral solutions. Addressing those crucial issues, the DAAD Office Cairo successfully launched COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa) setting up various issue driven clusters in the fields of water, energy, health, agriculture, economy, urbanism and cultural heritage. The aim of the project is to intensify scientific collaboration and increase the visibility of networks between researchers and universities in Germany and countries of the Middle East and North Africa. To build on existing partnerships, COSIMENA is harnessing synergies between DAAD funded projects, alumni and partner institutions that can be expanded to the whole MENA region.

Our Activities

In the scope of COSIMENA the DAAD Office Cairo realises various interdisciplinary events on current issues in science and innovation, such as workshops, conferences, round-table dis­cussions, the German Science Day, the COSIMENA Science Night and a Summer School. The several activities aim to bring together various stakeholders from science, business, government and civil society. Especially young scientists are promoted and supported through networking opportunities.

COSIMENA is Online

In 2020, COSIMENA started to be digitally present with a wide range of events, covering public lectures, roundtables and conferences about global issues, as well as the main events like the German Science Day and the Summer School which are adapted and modified to the online format.
The attendance of the events is enabled by registering online (registration links are posted with the announcements of the events) or by participating through the livestream on facebook.

For this project, the DAAD receives funding for foreign cultural and educational policy from the Federal Foreign Office (AA).

Call for COSIMENA Funding

For activities aiming at strengthening the academic cooperation between Germany and the MENA region, especially Egypt, in 2024

Within the scope of its clusters, COSIMENA offers support for a great variety of activities which range from scholarly evening lectures to summer/winter schools and scientific conferences.

Starting from 2024, the allocation of funds will be based on a formalized application process. Upon the announcement of a call, interested institutions must submit – by using a standardised form – by the given deadline(s) proposals that explain the intended activity, outline the contribution provided by the requesting institution(s) (be it organisational and/or financial) and contain a finance plan. Kindly note that COSIMENA support can also be requested for partial funding of relevant activities, for instance, the coverage of travel costs for certain participants from abroad or the funding of a specific part of a bigger event.

To learn more about the details of the call and the requirements for funding, click on the following link:


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We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible.


Here you will find all the information on the clusters in the fields of water, energy, health, agriculture, economy, urbanism and cultural heritage.


Annual Highlights

Find out about the German Science Day, the German Science Night and the COSIMENA Summer School.



Find here all information on our Meta-Conferences.


Science Journalism

Here you will find our Articles on Science Journalism.



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