Our Mission

Common global challenges, such as cli­mate change, population growth or water scarcity, call for innovative scientific ideas and interdisciplinary and intersectoral solutions. Addressing those crucial issues, the DAAD Office Cairo successfully launched COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa) setting up various issue driven clusters in the fields of water, energy, health, agriculture, economy, urbanism and cultural heritage. The aim of the project is to intensify scientific collaboration and increase the visibility of networks between researchers and universities in Germany and countries of the Middle East and North Africa. To build on existing partnerships, COSIMENA is harnessing synergies between DAAD funded projects, alumni and partner institutions that can be expanded to the whole MENA region.

Our Activities

In the scope of COSIMENA the DAAD Office Cairo realises various interdisciplinary events on current issues in science and innovation, such as workshops, conferences, round-table dis­cussions, the German Science Day, the COSIMENA Science Night and a Summer School. The several activities aim to bring together various stakeholders from science, business, government and civil society. Especially young scientists are promoted and supported through networking opportunities.

For this project, the DAAD receives funding for foreign cultural and educational policy from the Federal Foreign Office (AA).

Contact: cosimenadaadcairo.org

Find all last year's reports in our annual brochure here: www.daad.eg/cosimena-2017

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