Our Mission

COSIMENA (Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa) provides clusters for regional exchange in various fields of science, technology and research, which aim to deepen the cooperation and partnership between Germany and countries of the Middle East and North Africa. Common global challenges like cli­mate change, population growth or water scarcity ask for innovative scientific ideas and solutions. Therefore, COSIMENA aims to foster scientific collaboration by bringing together experts from academic institutions, researchers and focal points of the industry and the go­vernment. Especially young scientists are promoted and supported through networking opportunities. Based on the positive outcomes of the Water Cluster invented in 2015, COSIMENA will set up new is­sue driven clusters focusing on relevant fields such as health, energy, urbanism and economy.

Our Activities

COSIMENA organizes interdisciplinary events on current issues in science and innovation like workshops, conferences, round-table dis­cussions, the German Science Day, the COSIMENA Science Night and summer schools. The focus of our activities lay primarily on the fields of water, health, urbanism, energy and economy. Furthermore, COSIMENA offers information and reference materials on German research and development as well as up-to-date research news from Germany and countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Contact: cosimenadaadcairo.org