Training for Innovation – How science and technology can contribute to a better life for all

Are you interested in developing innovative scientific solutions and ideas in the field of water, energy and health? Then the two-week COSIMENA Summer School “Training for Innovation – How science and technology can contribute to a better life for all” from 16th-29th September 2017 in Alexandria could be a unique opportunity for you. Participants of the COSIMENA Summer School will have the unique chance to not only discuss the latest innovations in their fields with experts from Germany and the region, but will also be given the opportunity to engage in an extensive exchange with their peers. It provides a setting to explore the discourse around the topic of innovation in science and technology and to understand the thematic and institutional frameworks as well as latest developments of one’s research field. At the same time, it offers training on methods, management and systems for research and innovation tailored to the participants’ needs. We are looking forward to your application until 19th July 2017 by midnight.

Aim and Scope

Innovation has long been recognised as a driving force of multidimensional development. Cutting-edge research, scientific progress and original ideas in the domains of science, technology and industry constitute advancements that can widely improve the well-being of our societies. Innovation results from linking fresh perspectives, the latest methods and the will to address the leading questions of our time. In the context of international and multilateral cooperation and in consideration of these pressing issues, innovation in key thematic areas of the region, such as water, health and energy, can address environmental problems, alleviate social inequalities, and significantly contribute to sustainable development and inclusive growth. In line with COSIMENA’s goal to tackle today’s global challenges by fostering scientific collaboration, the COSIMENA Summer School thus aims at training young researchers to become experts on the topic of innovation in their respective fields.


The COSIMENA Summer School will take place on the Alexandria campus of the Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) (for further information about the location see between 16th and 29th September 2017. To achieve regional diversity and foster intercultural cooperation, the participants will be selected out of the pool of applicants from the MENA region and Germany. The DAAD will take care of flight bookings and will cover the costs of flights, accommodation and boarding. In addition, transfer from the airport to the Alexandria campus of AASTMT will be arranged.

More specifically, the COSIMENA Summer School includes:

  • Presentations and extensive discussion of concrete innovations within the fields of water, energy, and health with experts from Germany and local partners
  • Discussions of cutting-edge methods and models of research
  • Presentations of own projects and enterprises and the opportunity to discuss them with peers and experts
  • Training on research management and methods such as systems for innovation (including but not limited to patents and commercialisation of innovation)
  • Information on opportunities for research funding
  • Networking opportunities for junior researchers to connect and collaborate
  • Various excursions within the region.

Who can apply?

Applications are open to junior researchers who are currently pursuing a master’s program as well as those who have already graduated with a master’s degree. Applicants should show a great affinity to technical subjects or demonstrate prior experience with research in the thematic areas of COSIMENA (such as water, energy and health).

How to apply?

Please send your application to, with the subject line COSIMENA Summer School 2017 – your name as well as the required documents attached in PDF format. Required documents include:

  • Your CV in English
  • Your graduate diploma (if already available) and transcripts
  • Proof of sufficient English language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, language certificate from your university, proof of enrolment in an English-speaking program, etc.)
  • A motivation letter in English, outlining why you want to take a part in the summer academy, how you could personally benefit from the program and what own project you are (planning on) working on. The length of the motivation letter should range between 400 – 500 words.

Please note that only complete applications can be considered.

The application deadline is 19th July 2017 by midnight. Notifications on the outcome of their application as well as invitations for successful applicants will be send out to the applicants before 27th July 2017.