Energy Cluster Conference 2017
Energy Cluster Conference 2017

Aim and Scope

In October 2017 the DAAD organised a Solar Energy Exhibition to kick off COSIMENA’s Energy Cluster with a networking event. The high number of exhibited posters and participants reflected the great interest. With this in mind, the DAAD hosted an Energy Efficiency Conference in November.

Our Activities

Energy Cluster Conference on Energy-Efficient Buildings for the Future

12th November 2017

Energy Efficiency Conference 2017
Energy Efficiency Conference 2017

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The DAAD Office Cairo, in collaboration with the AHK and the KfW Development Bank, organised the Egyptian-German Energy conference "Energy-Efficient Buildings for the Future" on 12 November at its Zamalek campus. The conference brought together speakers from the financial sector, research and academia, and civil society to examine new possibilities for forging a more energy efficient Egypt.

The Clusters of Scientific Innovation in the Middle East and North Africa (COSIMENA) Energy Cluster conference highlighted the importance of energy efficiency, particularly in the building sector. The welcoming addresses by Rauia Toama of the Science Office at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Cairo, Dr Roman Luckscheiter, Director of the DAAD Office Cairo, Andreas Hergenröther, CEO of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry & Commerce, and Burkhard Hinz, Director of the KfW office Cairo, reflected the multi-sector focus of the conference and emphasised the pressing environmental and economic need to promote the rational use of energy.

The discussions were organised according to three themes. For the first theme, energy efficiency and building modernisation, Burkhard Hinz explored funding lines for energy efficiency initiatives and Andreas Wanke presented a case study of effective implementation of energy efficiency practices at the Freie Universität Berlin. Next, Dr Wafaa Nadim of the German University in Cairo and Clemens Hott, Sales Director Mashreq at BASF, discussed sustainable buildings in terms of challenges and opportunities for energy efficiency. Then, the founder of the Egyptian Green Building Council, Dr Ayman Mosallam of the University of California, Irvine, discussed governmental policies and the role of civil society organizations in promoting sustainable buildings.

While the thematic presentations focused on broader strategic issues, the afternoon working groups brought together researchers and architects to discuss the latest innovations in sustainable buildings. Wael Moussa of the Technical University of Munich as well as Christoph Banhardt and Prof Thomas Löffler of the Technische Universität Berlin, El Gouna presented their research on energy efficient architecture and on technology that takes into account the Egyptian environment and climate. Dr Adel Beshara, Chairman and Managing Director of Global Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Solutions, and architect Mohammed el Sokkary presented case studies of recently constructed sustainable buildings in Cairo that successfully reduce energy consumption.

The conference closed with a panel discussion with Burkhard Hinz, Prof Michael Eichner of the German University in Cairo, Andreas Hergenröther, and Prof Mohammed Salheen, Director IUSD/IDG, which was moderated by Dr Roman Luckscheiter. The panel reiterated the importance of promoting the efficient use of energy through regulation, financial incentives, and and increased end-user awareness. Through a networking lunch and dinner, attendees had the chance to exchange ideas and form connections, laying the foundation for a bright future for sustainable buildings.

Energy Efficiency and Building Modernization

  • Burkhard Hinz
  • Andreas Wanke

Sustainable Buildings – Challenges and Opportunities for Energy Efficiency

  • Assoc Prof Dr Wafaa Nadim
  • Clemens Hott

Governmental Policies and the Role of the Egypt Green Building Council

  • Prof Ayman Mosallam

Insulation in Arid Regions – Solution or Problem?

  • Christoph Banhardt

A Case Study on Buildings Energy Efficient Designs

  • Dr Adel Beshara

From Night-Cool to PVT-RESyst – Low cost/low tech cooling and heating systems for Egyptian buildings

  • Assoc Prof Thomas Löffler

Summit Energy Efficient Buildings - BIPV as a measure to reduce electricity costs

  • Arch Mohamed El Sokkary

COSIMENA Solar Energy Poster Exhibition in collaboration with the German-Arab Chamber

9th October 2017

Solar Energy Poster Exhibition 2017
Solar Energy Poster Exhibition 2017

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Following up on the 9th Egyptian-German Renewables Day, which took place on the 8th of October in Cairo, the DAAD Office Cairo hosted 50 scientists and economists during the opening of the Solar Energy Poster Exhibition and Networking Dinner on the evening of Monday, 10 October 2017. Dr Roman Luckscheiter, Director of the DAAD Office Cairo, welcomed the participants and opened the event, which was organised in collaboration with the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACIC).

The Solar Energy Networking Dinner joined a series of previous events hosted under the auspices of the DAAD Cairo and addressing the potential of renewable energy, including the “Rethinking Energy” conference in 2015 as well as the workshop on the study “80 Gigawatts of Change: Egypt’s Future Electricity Pathways” and a one-day workshop presenting the study conducted by the Fraunhofer ISE on Electricity Costs from Renewable Energy Technologies in 2016.

As a result of economic and population growth, the energy demand in the MENA countries will continue to rise in the coming decades. Sunlight as a renewable energy source is available in abundance, but its implementation is only progressing slowly. In order to address this issue, researchers and economists were invited to present their solar energy research and projects in the MENA region. The event turned out to be a remarkable success, emphasising the interface between science and business. Seven scientific posters were presented by the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology, ERANETMED, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany Zeweil City of Science & Technology, Cleantech Arabia, students of the TU Berlin El Gouna and two other researchers from Egyptian universities.

In addition, eight companies were keen to market their energy activities and projects that evening. During the networking dinner, many participants exchanged new ideas for upcoming projects and gave positive feedback about the COSIMENA Solar Energy Poster Exhibition.


Amira Rady Mahmoud (Summer School Alumna)

  Amira Rady Mahmoud


Function Business developer at MicroDoers company
Institution/Faculty and University Technology Management Program – Master Student – Nile University - Egypt
Research Fields of Interests Technology Management, technology Commercialization, innovation management, strategic management and business models, entrepreneurship.
E-Mail Address Amiraa.rady[at]


Short Profile I worked in GIZ Egypt in Green Business Services project. The Egyptian small and medium factories have many waste issues, either energy waste or resources waste. Factories undervalued their waste in decreasing cost and creating new revenue streams. We outreached theses factories and created on-site assessments. Then connected them with suitable technological solution providers to decrease their waste, reuse and recycle. I also studied sustainable development in a one-year liberal arts program in Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Then I worked in Nile University in Technology Innovation and Commercialization Office. The gap between education and industry is increasing a day after a day. Many technological applications developed only in universities research centers, did not commercialize, and connect to businesses. We outreached businesses and industries to connect them with these technological applications. We worked closely with the researchers to connect their work with industries challenges. Now, I am a master student in technology management program. An interdisciplinary program exposed me to different fields like innovation management, upcoming technological trends, business strategic management, technology foresight and forecasting and entrepreneurship.

Andreas Wanke

  Andreas Wanke
Function Head of the Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management
Institution/Faculty and University Freie Universität Berlin
Research Fields of Interests Sustainability Management, Energy Efficiency
E-Mail Address
Short Profile Andreas Wanke worked from 1990-2001 as a political scientist at the Andreas Wanke worked from 1990-2001 as a political scientist at the Environmental Research Centre (Forschungszentrum für Umweltpolitik) at the Department of Political Sciences of Freie Universität Berlin focusing on consultation projects in the field of energy and environmental management. Since 2001 he has been working as the coordinator for energy and environmental management in the university administration. In that capacity he was e.g. responsible for the development and implementation of annual energy efficiency programs, the establishment of environmental teams in the scientific departments and the design of a university-wide bonus scheme for energy conservation which gives the scientific departments financial incentives to save energy. Since 2015 he is head of the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit, which manages and implements the university’s commitment to sustainability in research, teaching and campus-management. The unit is assigned directly to the Executive Board of Freie Universität Berlin.

Annike Valentina Abromeit (Summer School Alumna)


Annike Valentina Abromeit

Function Master student (MSc)
Institution/Faculty and University University of Applied Science Cologne (TH Köln)
Research Fields of Interests Renewable Energy, Economics, Politics, Sustainability

E-Mail Address annike.abromeit[at]
Short Profile I am a young and motivated student from Germany who graduated from a rather economic and political focused Bachelor degree in International Energy Management (BA) and currently being enrolled in a Master program at TH Cologne, called Renewable Energy Management (MSc). Within my studies I gained deeper knowledge and developed skills in the field of natural as well as social science and technology. Working for established as well as recently founded companies allowed me to make first job experiences in the energy industry. Participating in various academic exchange programs and seminars enabled me to acquire a great intercultural understanding. I’m most interested in sustainable development and conceptualization and eager to further educate myself in this field. Therefore, in my master thesis, I develop a Sustainable Impact Evaluation Procedure and Indicators for rural electrification projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Christoph Banhardt

  Christoph Banhardt
Function Research and Teaching Associate
Institution/Faculty and University Energy Engineering, TU Berlin El Gouna
Research Fields of Interests Solar cooling, Air conditioning, Energy efficient building design, photovoltaics, solar thermal, ground heat exchanger, thermal comfort
E-Mail Address
Short Profile Before joining the Energy Engineering Department Christoph T. I. Banhardt was working as a planning engineer at ZWP Ingenieur-AG, Berlin. His academic career began in early 2012 by joining the subject of building supply technologies in the department of architecture of the UdK Berlin. From there, he switched to the Campus El Gouna of the TU Berlin in late 2012 to accompany the core module “Energy for Buildings” and start his research work on developing solar powered cooling concepts for the MENA-Region.

Research activities

  • Solar electric driven air conditioning systems in arid regions
  • Monitoring of HVAC system performances and user behavior
  • Modelling and validation of building systems

Clemens Hott


Clemens Hott

Function Commercial Manager Egypt & Mashreq
E-Mail Address
Short Profile Curiosity has always been the flame that lead my path. I have followed my curiosity to learn about interesting or potentially useful characteristics of materials, to work across the world in search for diverse cultures and challenging business ideas, and step out of my comfort zone to see what the world has to offer me.

During my early career, I worked in South Africa where I promoted insulation materials and became a founding member of the Expandable Polystyrene Association there. Moreover, I had the opportunity to lead variety of teams from different backgrounds.

During my career at BASF I increased my exposure and experience during several long-term assignments, all focused in Sales and Business Management, in Morocco, South Africa, Turkey, and France, followed by a short-term assignment in Kenya.

Between the various assignments I was working in the region EMEA Emerging markets in the Ludwigshafen based Headquarter and the BASF internal distribution company BTC Europe before I landed my current position of Commercial Manager Egypt & Mashreq in February 2016.

Hamdy Elsayed Ahmed Ali (Summer School Alumnus)

  Hamdy Elsayed Ahmed Ali
Function Assistant Lecturer
Institution/Faculty and University National Center for Radiation Research and Technology(NCRRT),

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA)

Research Fields of Interests Biofuels from microalgae, Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals from microalgae, Biorefinery of microalgae for food, fuel, and feed, Treatment of wastewater by microalgae and bacteria, Biosorption of heavy metals, Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated compounds.
E-Mail Address hamdy44044[at],


Short Profile I am an assistant lecturer of Microbiology at Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority (EAEA).  I have registered for PhD in biofuels from microalgae at Cairo University. 2016, I got a short-term fellowship from Science & Technology Development Fund (STDF) to join the Center for Applied Energy Research, University of Kentucky, USA, to participate in "Enhancement of biodiesel production from microalgae" project. 2012, I joined a research group at Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia, as a research scientist to involve in the project of " biotreatment of wastewater by microalgae for bioenergy production”, where different techniques for cultivation, harvesting, pretreatment, as well as extraction of lipid were investigated. Previously, I hold an M.Sc. in biosorption of heavy metals from Sohag University, the main goal of the master research was to remove the toxic heavy metals from wastewater by different strains of bacteria and clay. For 6 past years, I have worked on diverse aspects of microalgal research including on the secondary metabolites, bioactive compounds, biofuels and biorefinery. To date, I have published 7 journal articles, 1 chapter book and 2 conference papers. Another 6 articles are currently under preparation.

Maha Atef (Summer School Alumna)


Maha Atef

Function Master Student
Institution/Faculty and University Architecture and Urban design program
German University in Cairo
Research Fields of Interests Renewable energy, Building integrated Photovoltaic system
E-Mail Address Mahaa398[at]


Short Profile Studied architecture at Cairo University - Faculty of Engineering - and graduated in 2013. Now, working as research assistant and teaching assistant at The German University in Cairo, the department of building technology and integrated design. Besides, preparing master thesis on Building Integrated Photovoltaic systems’ requirements for residential buildings in Egypt. Generally interested in building integrated renewable energy systems.

Prof. Michael J. Eichner

  Prof. Michael J. Eichner
Function University Professor
Institution/Faculty and University Department for Architectural Design and Building Technology at the German University in Cairo
Research Fields of Interests Sustainable architecture and urban design, energy-efficient building design, social housing innovation, renewable energy in architecture, environmental friendly buildings, climate changing and urban reconstruction, sustainable building certification
E-Mail Address
Short Profile Architect and professor in the field of Sustainable Architecture and Urban Design. Expert for social housing, sustainable building certification and urban reconstruction, accredited specialist by the German Sustainable Building Council - DGNB. Leading architect of various realized and awarded buildings and social housing districts with focus on social-cultural and environmental quality. Founder of the CEP Center for sustainable building and urban design at the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (MGSU). Researching on the complexity of sustainable design strategies, social and ecologic quality requirements for buildings and urban districts, technology innovation and energy-efficiency for environmental and climate friendly living environments. Has teaching experience in EU, Russian and Asian universities with 12 years of professional experience as professor. More than 16 years of international experience as architect in the position of a planning expert, team leader and general project leader on small and large scale architectural and urban design projects. Certified “DGNB consultant” of the German Sustainable Building Council – DGNB and organizer of official qualification courses of the DGNB system in Egypt for graduate students and specialists at the German University in Cairo.

Mohamed El Sokkary

  Mohamed El Sokkary
Function Founder and COO of SUMMiT for project management and solar energy
Institution/Faculty and University Architecture / MTC (Military Technical College)
Research Fields of Interests BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic), Solar Energy, Energy Efficiency
E-Mail Address
Short Profile I am architect Mohamed El-Sokkary, one of two founders and the Chief Operating Officer of Summit.

I entered the field of sustainable energies mainly the solar energy through the door of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) which is my passion. I am responsible for leading the architectural integration between solar energy and buildings, in addition to strategic operations and worldwide material sourcing. I bring more than 20 years of architectural engineering experience.

My pride project until now is the BIPV (Building Integrated Photo Voltaic) of the CIB bank head office in the smart village, Cairo which is the first in Egypt and the middle East.

I am looking forward to spreading the BIPV techniques all over Egypt and the MENA region and to help people recognise its advantages and potentials which involve combining architectural, engineering design and economic considerations in the context of the buildings’ total energy consumption consideration.

Mona Khidir Mohammed Babiker (Summer School Alumna)


Mona Khidir Mohammed Babiker

Function Researcher
Institution/Faculty and University National Energy Research Centre – Ministry of higher Education-Sudan
Research Fields of Interests Bio-energy in specific (new and renewable energy as general)


E-Mail Address Monakhidir2004[at]
Short Profile ·         Researcher job for 6 years biomass department and more than one year in new energy department till now: responsibilities (writing project proposal collecting data- carrying experimental work-supervising student project).

·         Experience in production processes of (bioethanl, biogas and biodiesel)

·         resent interest in hydrogen production and processing

·         Bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering-University of Gazira-Sudan

·         Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy -Sudan Academy of science

·         PHD student

·         Member of Sudanese Environment Conservation Society

·         strong oral English and Arabic language

·         Knowledge to software SPPS statistical program

Rawad Rizk (Summer School Alumnus)

  Rawad Rizk
Function Sustainable Energy Specialist
Institution/Faculty and University Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE)
Research Fields of Interests Sustainable Energy, Environmental and waste management, climate change
Homepages rawad-rizk-883233107
E-Mail Address Rawadrizk7[at]
Short Profile Rawad Rizk is an environmental and sustainable energy engineer working toward helping the Arab region adopt sustainable energy and environmental practices which he believes are a must for a region that is heavily dependent on fossil fuels, and suffering from electricity and water shortages.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Balamand in Lebanon. After his graduation with distinction in 2014 he had a great opportunity to complete a master’s degree in Clean Technology at Newcastle University and graduated with the top student award in 2015. In Newcastle, he worked for 3 months on the anaerobic digestion plant at Nestle UK gaining technical experience in waste management and renewable energy. Furthermore, he volunteered for 4 months with the environmental team at Arcenciel; a Lebanese NGO and worked on a pilot project to assess and improve the public’s involvement in the waste management mechanism as well as to find feasible solutions for waste disposal in light of the waste crisis in Lebanon.

Finally, Rawad is currently working as a sustainable energy specialist at the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RCREEE), where he is both engaged and responsible for various projects aimed at increasing the adoption of sustainable energy practices and technologies in the Arab region.

Sa’ed Althawabi (Summer School Alumnus)

  Sa’ed Althawabi
Function Master’s degree student
Institution/Faculty and University German Jordanian University
Research Fields of Interests Smart energy integration, renewable energy, environmental issues
E-Mail Address saedth99[at]
Short Profile My bachelor’s degree was in mechanical engineering. The interest in renewable energy started at that time in my graduation project about hybrid energy systems. After graduation in 2012, I started to work in a petroleum company in Kuwait. I worked in the installation and maintenance of electrical submersible pumps for one and a half year. I left the petroleum field and started a new career in the automotive industry at the general directorate of gendarmerie in Jordan. My work was in the repair and maintenance of vehicles from various brands. In 2016, I started studying master’s degree in environmental and energy engineering at the German Jordanian University. The academic career path was more suitable for me. That is why I decided to leave the gendarmerie and start to work as a teaching assistant in the German Jordanian University.

Yasser Elghazy (Summer School Alumnus)

  Yasser Elghazy
Function Operations superintendent
Institution/Faculty and University German University in Cairo

Suez Canal University

Research Fields of Interests Energy – Physical chemistry
E-Mail Address Yasser_Elghazy[at]
Short Profile I have over 8 years of experience working in operations in chemical and petrochemical plants. Currently, I'm MBA student in the German University in Cairo (GUC) where I am studying operations management and strategic management as majors and Finance as Minor.

I obtained M.Sc. in physical chemistry from Suez Canal University, B.Sc. in chemistry from Mansoura university and Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and green belt from the American University in Cairo (AUC).

I am interested in research that will provide a sustainable source of energy with a resalable price.